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Orientis Apicem Pulchrum !

Seleucus Nicator, a name that resounds like the blaze of a ravaging fire, the powerful thunder of the sky, the vibrations of the ground during the passage of a colossal army, the immense construction site of a great capital on the Tigris, the raging storm on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Seleucus, the genius of Alexander’s strategists, to whom falls the destiny of continuing the unfinished work of the great Macedonian king, a triumphant king, worthy successor and bearer of Greek civilization in the East and in deep Asia, the founder of the dynasty of the Seleucids and several large Greek cities, including the one called Antioch the Great, which was founded in memory of his father Antiochos, generalissimo of Philip, king of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great.

Antioch, a city whose destiny was inscribed at the very moment of the oracle of Seleucus, to become a great capital, a famous city, a formidable rival of Rome which remained silent after the Emperor’s departure; of Alexandria, which let its intellectual scepter escape in the heat of religious struggles; of Constantinople, which had become a city of lawyers and warriors where the games of the amphitheater have more faithful than the exercises of eloquence; of Athens, which has nothing more illustrious to offer than names, once renowned for its philosophers it is today only for its honey makers.

Antioch, thanks to the stay of the emperors, to its famous orator Saint John Chrysostom and especially to its illustrious rhetorician Libanius, has kept its prestige, its brilliance, its great role which it had had under the Seleucids of exercising a supreme preponderance under the successors of Augustus.

Because ancient Antioch had a delicate beauty, it was sung by Libanius and Ammien, knew the dazzling hour; because its eighteen centuries of glorious and fruitful history have not been forgotten.

To revive this Antioch as it was under the Seleucid Kings, the Roman Emperors, the rhetorician Libanius who exalted it in his speeches at school and John Chrysostom in the Great Church, such is our mission in SELEUCID HERITAGE. Make you bear the marks of the Seleucids, and the memories of beautiful Antioch, the ornament of the Roman Empire and the glory of the East, the city of the most delicate pleasures…