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Ruined Church of Sts Peter & Paul at Antioch, Turkey
Ruined church of Virgin Mary at Tokaçli, Antioch Turkey
Ruined Church of St George's at Sarilar in Antioch, Turkey
Ruined Church of st Nicolas at Iskenderun in Antioch, Turkey
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We donate 5€ for the reconstruction of the churches of Antioch in Turkey.

Antioch, February 6, 2023!

A date that will be marked in our memories forever: the great earthquake that struck down the Great City of Antioch. The city of our dreams by our convictions and our origins, by our fusional bond of blood and fire. This is where it all began and this is where everyone is destined. Our existence, our identity, our appellation, it is here that we received it. The most beautiful of names, the most beautiful of designations, the most beautiful of identities, of “Christians”. Pronounced and used for the first time here in Antioch, our beloved city, the homeland of the heart.

Our Antioch is wounded! She is very seriously wounded, and with her all of Christendom and the civilized world! Without being able to find the words to express the sadness, the compassion, the regret for the one whom the Apostles chose as a refuge and as a starting point for the teaching of Jesus. It is disfigured, the one that was once the most beautiful of cities, with its neighborhoods and its countryside. Antioch the light of the East, the queen of cities, the cathedra of the Church, it will no longer make us dream, it will no longer make us travel…

Its churches will not ring their bells either, even in mourning, for its children who left their last breath under the rubble at the passage of mortal Enceladus. It’s a disaster! But we, Antiochians, from here or elsewhere, we are going to rebuild our city and our churches and we will ring our bells! We are going to build our Cathedral, even more beautiful, in honor of the one who was the first of the Apostles, Saint Peter, our first bishop and founder of our Church, the Holy Church of Antioch. Together, we are going to rebuild the city of our fate !

To launch this initiative, we are contributing to the construction of churches destroyed by the earthquake of February 6, 2023 in Antioch, Alexandretta, Arsuz, Samandağ, and Altinözü.

Contribute to the reconstruction of the destroyed churches of Antioch! For each apparel purchased, 5 euros will be reserved for the reconstruction of the churches of the Cathedral of Saint Peter & Paul, the Virgin Mary, Saint Nicolas, Saint Thecla, and the Prophet Elijah